Panasonic SV3800

Make / Model: Panasonic SV3800
Year: 1998
Purchased: American Musical Supply, 1998
Price: $1500

Build Quality


Sound Quality

Great for the time


I bought this thing in the late 90s because it was the ONLY way to backup my 8-track. Also, it was a digital stereo master recorder for mix down. That right there seemed immensly powerful. Turning audio into binary code in the late 90s was a fucking amazing concept. It felt like I had a space ship in the corner of my room. All that tape, and zero hiss!

And it was a cool deck. Amazing build quality. Great for the time sound quality.

And it served me well. It would go on to playback hundreds of DAT tapes, and record many as well.

A great purchase, that may seem silly now when we see how fragile DAT is compared to the media we work with now, but at the time, a neccesary piece to any studio.

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