Nakamichi ZX-7

Make / Model: Nakamichi ZX-7
Year: ?
Purchased: Ebay, 2003
Price: ?

I orginally wrote this review, thinking it was a Nakamichi MR-1, I later recalled that it was actually a ZX-7, which is drastically different in price now, but was not back when I purchased it. The MR-1 was one of the decks I was also looking at purchasing.

Build Quality


Sound Quality

It’s cassette, but good


One of the things of running a mastering room for punk labels, is that you end up needing to archive a lot of music. And one of the formats dominant in punk, has been cassette.

So I needed a good cassette deck that would be ideal for archiving a lot of these tapes. And Nakamichi decks are very good. So I got this one.

I ran a bunch of cassettes through this thing, and it sounded very good for cassette. Worked great!

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