Mesa Boogie Recto 4×12

Make / Model: Mesa Boogie Recto 4×12
Year: ?

Build Quality





God I hate these cabinets. They are well made, but they always have Celestion Vintage 30s in them, which I hate.

Vintage 30? Lets just not record guitars. at all. I’d rather listen to the DI.

It’s like someone took a good guitar speaker, and shook a magic wand of vague-ness at it. High end? Dull. Low end. ROUND. Mid range? eh…

To know Celestion makes the Vintage 30 and the Greenback is like knowing Bad Religion made Suffer and Into The Unknown: It actually makes you question the good one, even though the good one is amazing.

What is even crazier than the fact that the Vintage 30 exists, is that people (IE Mesa) choose to put it in their cabinet. Like, does a baby die if enough V30s aren’t shipped? Like what is the fucking point of this speaker.

The cabinet itself is like a Marshall, but built by people who actually care. Mesa fucking kills it with everything they do. Overbuilt. Overspec’d. Amazing. And accordingly, heavy.


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