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I had been wanting to play a nylon string guitar for many years. Having played a few, I realized that they were probably my favorite guitars to play. But I held off on getting one because I thought it may just be a ‘grass is greener’ type thing.

It wasn’t. I love playing nylon string. So much so, that if I could do it again, i’d retrack every acoustic record I played steel string, with nylon.

First off, I hate cowboys. And steel is cowboy bullshit. And second, nylon just sounds beautiful. And really, it’s the type of acoustic that Human Beings have been playing the longest. So maybe it’s an evolutionary thing? My ear is just born more sympathetic to it? I dunno.

The odd thing about Nylon string, or ‘Classical’, is that the guitar company’s have not saturated the market with marketing about them. So you really don’t know whats good or where to start. Accordingly, you search with your ear. And really, they all sound about the same to me, some a little better, some worse. I think it really comes down to setup.

I came across this one at Guitar Works, and it had a built in pickup system, so I didn’t even need a mic. And it came with a case.

Great sounding guitar. Unfortunately, for some reason the tuning peg plastic knobs crack, whcih I take back to guitar works and they fix. Other than that, it’s been wonderful.

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