Martin D16RGT

Make / Model: Martin D16RGT
Year: 2001
Purchased: Guitar Works, 2001
Price: $1100

You can hear this on:
F*box ‘Ep1020’
F*box ‘Hateless’
F*box ‘S.O.S. October’
F*box ‘This Malaise Is Our Grave’
F*box ‘Discography’

This was the main acoustic used on all of the F*box recordings.

Build Quality


Sound Quality



This was an amazing sound acoustic. Great bass, beautiful notes. I loved to play it, it sounded so beautiful.

I used this for all of the F*box recordings.

Eventually I sold it so I could afford to go to school.

In retrospect, I actually think the Yamaha I was borrowing for a bit was a better match for the music I was playing (more dynamic, thinner sound, a bit more aggressive), but this was, you know, a Martin, so I was sidetracked with that.

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