Laney VH100R (head)

(not photo of actual unit)

Make / Model: Laney VH100R (head)
Year: 1996
Purchased: Richmond Music, 1996
Price: $950 (New)

You can hear this on:
500$fine ‘Forward’
Silence Is Suicide ‘Self-titled’
F*box ‘Ep1020’

This amp was my main recording rig for the song ‘Compassion’ on the 500$fine ‘Forward’ recording, used with my Yamaha RGX1212, and a Fender HM412a cab. It was also used for all of the stuff I did with the band Shitload of Pain, as well as the guitar amp for all guitars on Silence Is Suicide’s LP, and the Fbox EP1020 record with my Fender Am Strat.
When I was freelance engineering, I’d also bring it in for clients to use, such as on the first few Dead Serious recordings

Build Quality


Sound Quality

Damn Good


This was the most versatile amp I have ever played. A great clean sound, a great crunch channel, and then tons of overdrive that can occur on top of that.

Being 100 watts of all tube power, and built like a tank, it also weighed about double what a equivalant Marshall head would, or about 1 1/2 times heaver than a mesa head, which made load in and out a bitch.

I used this with my HM412a cab for playing until I replaced this Laney with a Fender Bassman.

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