JBL L100

Make / Model: JBL L100
Year: ?
Purchased: Diversity Thrift, 2012
Price: $35

Build Quality


Sound Quality



Hmm. I have a love / hate relationship with JBL. Sometimes it’s ok. Other times…

JBL is/was known for their crossovers. Like altec, they are expensive on ebay. People collect them. This has, from what I can observe though, no quality of indication on if they are good or not.

My experiences with JBL is ‘oh, that’s ok’, or ‘Jesus, what the hell is going on with the high end?’.

JBL has made some ice pick-like tweeters. I’ve heard them. Oh my god have I hear them. But is it the crossover’s fault, the tweeters fault, or the builder’s fault, or did something go bad?

Anyhow, I had these speakers. Some folks would like them. I kind of liked them, in a ‘these are fun’ way, but I couldn’t get past the way the high end integrated into the rest of the sound. It was like a seperate show entirely. Maybe they needed work? Maybe someone had put in the wrong tweeters. Afterall, I got these at a thrift store. I dunno.

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