Gibson Les Paul Studio

Make / Model: Gibson Les Paul Studio
Year: 1993

Build Quality



Pretty Good.


The thing about les pauls, put two together, and the lighter one ALWAYS sounds a lot better. You’d think Gibson would realize this, and check it. But it doesn’t seem they do. I’ve played Custom Shop Gibsons that just weigh a fucking ton. It’s like they don’t care. If I ran Gibson, these things would be weighed very early on, and chucked if too heavy. But perhaps as some of their models cost $9k, and will be bought and displayed as investments, perhaps it actually doesn’t matter what they sound like.

For players though, there are some good Les Pauls. And this was one of them. The neck had been worn down. The setup was amazing. And it was pretty light, for a Les Paul.

But ultimately two things kept me from keeping it: 1) A light Les Paul is still heavier than any guitar should be and 2) I don’t like the angle you have to approach this guitar from. IE, because it’s a carved top, you have to play a little higher, and well, it just seems awkward as fuck.

So I sold it.

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