George L’s Guitar Cables

Make / Model: Georgle L’s Cables
Year: 2004?
Purchased: 2004?
Price: $20?

Build Quality


Sound Quality

The best


Most times, cables DO NOT MAKE any difference. If there is a difference between two cables, something is wrong with one of the cables, like it’s not soldered correctly, or something is broken on the equipment it’s plugged into.

The exception, is extremely High Impedance lines, such as guitar cables.

Generally, the longer the line, the more high frequency loss, and not theoretical, but goddamn audible.

And for me, I hate every guitar cable I’ve ever played. Some worse than others. Either because I can tell each sounds different and like bits of one, parts of others. Or because they look like they were made by hippies. Or because they fucking break.

Except, George L’s.

Folks say these are expensive. I just bought a pair of connectors and the wire from Mars Music back in the early 2000s, and it still works great. Maybe I spent $20.

The connector is a genius design, no soldering. Just cut the cable, open the screw on connector with a screw driver, shove cable into connector, and screw in screw.

Deceptively simple.

Sounds great.

I have this one cable. It’s my guitar cable. If I play bass, I use it for that two. I guess I’d get the expense thing, if I needed 40. But as I can only play one instrument at a time, I have one. Do I need a spare? No. I can fix the one cable in seconds.

Folks complain they are too thin. Thats the fucking point!

Folks complain they are too fragile? Never had a problem.

And the best part is, I never ever had to think about my cable again. I forget I even use a nice cable, it’s just my fucking guitar cable.

Love them.

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