Fender ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan’ Stratocaster

Make / Model: Fender ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan’ Stratocaster
Year: 1993
Purchased: Guitar Works, 1994
Price: $799 (New)

You can hear this on:
500$fine ‘Forward’
500$fine ’95 Demo’
This guitar was my main recording rig for the 500$fine recordings, used with my Fender Performer head, a Fender HM412a cab, and a Boss Metalzone and Distortion + pedal, with occasional appearances by the DOD Digital Delay pedal

Build Quality


Sound Quality

Damn Good


This was a birthday gift from my parents in 1994. I was so excited to get it, as it was my first real stratocaster, and a damn good one at that.

The guitar featured the ‘texas special’ single coil pickups, which worked great for playing in the bands I was playing, but as they were single coil, noise was an issue.

My favorite things about this guitar were a) the neck, and b) the kluson ‘safety post’ tuners. The later because they are so easy to restring, and the neck, because I have big hands and it was really tough to find a guitar where my hands did not cramp up after a while, as they would with skinny necks, and this neck was fucking huge!

Eventually I decided I needed a guitar with a humbucker, moved to a Yamaha RGX1212

I loved this guitar, and since selling it, it is the benchmark for playing comfort. I had thought about getting another one but there are two issues: a) The tone really is specialized and does not fit what I do, and b) The hardware is shit. It’s this gold hardware, and after a year of heavy playing it had all rusted off the bridge, and was flaking off, and had turned into this black/gold plated rust mess, and it would cut the shit out of my hands when I played. I actually contacted fender to see if they had ever fixed any of that, but it’s the same hardware. Perhaps I was just unlucky? I dunno.

The other issue was the neck width across the fretboard, it was just to skinny, and that with the jumbo frets, while maybe great for lead work, it was really awkward for my playing style.

A great guitar, but ultimately, wrong for me.

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