Fender Mustang I (v2) Amp

(random internet picture of amp)

Make / Model: Fender Mustang I (v2) Amp
Year: 2015
Purchased: Guitar Works, 2015
Price: $119 (New)

You can hear this on:
Gary Llama ‘The Beauty Of Music’
Gary Llama ‘Into The Hollow’
Mineral Writes ‘See The Light’
Gary Llama ‘Power’

This was the preamp used on the above records, either with the Squier Jaguar Bass, or the Stagg Guitar, or the Nash T-57

Build Quality


Sound Quality



A great little amp, amazing sounds. Very quick to setup.

Where this amp really shines though, is as a bass preamp, and it has been my bass preamp for some records.

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