Fender HM412a

Make / Model: Fender HM412a (cabinet)
Year: 1994
Purchased: Guitar Works, 1994
Price: $350 (New)

You can hear this on:
500$fine ‘Forward’
500$fine ’95 Demo’
This amp was my main recording rig for the 500$fine recordings, driven by a Fender Performer head, used with my Fender SRV Strat, and a Boss Metalzone and Distortion + pedal, with occasional appearances by the DOD Digital Delay pedal

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Sound Quality



This was a birthday or christmas present from my folks around 1994, along with the Fender Performer 1000 head.

It was your typical 4×12 cab, but instead of Tolex, was covered in carpet. It was loaded with Eminence speakers.

After years of use, and a basement flood, I ended up removing the carpet and running it bare for a while.

In 2004, I loaded it up with Weber Silver Bell ceramic speakers, which sounded awesome with a Fender Bassman

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