Epiphone Bass Guitar

Make / Model: Epiphone Bass Guitar
Year: 1992
Purchased: Guitar Works, 1992
Price: $249 (New)

You can hear this on:
500$fine ‘Forward’
500$fine ’95 Demo’
This bass was Patrick Daly’s main rig for the 500$fine recordings.

Build Quality


Sound Quality

Damn Good


My parents got me this for school, as in the 6th grade I was in band class, and played bass guitar. I had already been playing guitar for a few years so the transition wasn’t that hard.

Aside from cutting on my a DOD Metal Maniac in class a lot, and starting to play Metalica’s ‘Anesthesia Pulling Teeth’ (the band director hated that), I never played this on anything. However, when Patrick Daly and I formed golden llamas and subsequently, 500$Fine, he didn’t have a bass, so this became the bass we used for everything on those records.

Fun fact: During the track of ‘Forward’ CD, someone stepped on his guitar cable, and the electronics ripped out of the guitar, forcing him to use the studio’s vintage P-bass. I believe this switchover occured on the song ‘Quiet’, and you can tell, because the tone got amazing all of a sudden.

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