D’addario Mic Cable

Make / Model: D’addario Mic Cable
Year: 2016
Purchased: Guitar Works, 2016
Price: $25

Build Quality

Ok but cheap parts

Sound Quality



Needed a mic cable, was at a guitar store, grabbed this.

Has what look like neutrick connectors on it, but upon closer inspection, you realize they aren’t neutrik connectors at all. Compared to a neutrik connector, these things are poorly finished, and feel like a completely different type of metal than a neutrik, weight wise. The pins also jiggle in a way that the neutriks don’t so may have connection issues not common in neutriks.

For the price, it should have had neurtiks. Who knows what the actual cable type used is, I’m guessing quality was cut there too, has ‘D’adarrio’ printed on the cable, so yeah.

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