Castlewood ORB Drive

Make / Model: Castlewood ORB Drive
Year: 2000
Purchased: American Musical Supply, 2000?
Price: $250?

Build Quality


Sound Quality



In 2000, lets say you had a LOT of stuff to back up. Much stuff. For long term storage. Lets say it was an audio project, maybe a gig or so? Thats a couple CDrs, and they may burn all fucked up.

Well, you could buy this thing. An ORB drive. In a time where people still used floppys, Computers came with 10GB Hardrives, 256mb was your fucking RAM, and the art folks where running around swapping 100MB Jazz drive files, You could store 2.2GB!

Insane right?

Downside? We were using USB 1.0. So it would take 6 hours to back this thing up full, if you were lucky. Cuz someitmes your mac crashed, and other times, there was a write error.

I can’t beleive I used to use these things!

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