Canon EOS M

Make / Model: Canon EOS M
Year: 2012
Purchased: BH Photo, 2012
Price: $399

Build Quality


Sound Quality



This is a great camera, but then it’s not. While it shoots wonderfully beautiful images, it takes *forever* to focus. So mostly, I use it on manual focus, except the manual focus is digitally controlled, and as it has no view finder, you have to preview through an LCD screen, which makes things seem in focus, when they are not.

What it DOES have is an 1/8th inch audio input, and two microphones on the top of it. And for a while, this is what I used it most for, as an audio recording device. I play my click track, then play my guitar into this thing, recording in movie mode. Then take the sd card, convert the MP4 to WAV file, then import into my DAW.

And when I want to do vocals, I will sing above the fucking mics on top of this thing.

Honestly, I just like working this way.

As a camera, I’ve used it to shoot a bunch of videos and movies, and photos.

But oddly, I keep it around for audio.

I also used it to record a ton of podcasts when I met folks in person.


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