Boss Katana 50

Make / Model: Boss Katana 50
Year: 2017

Build Quality

Ok, but feels cheap


Pretty good


This amp is pretty damn good. The speaker seems a bit crap though. But the DI tone is amazing. You can hook it up to your computer and edit even more tones, but the panel controls are fine too.

Overall, it’s default sounds pretty much nail every territory you could ever want. And it seems to have a natural sound of it’s own. Which is pretty good. I wanted a better speaker though, so I sold it, hoping to later try the Katana 100, if it was to be a Katana for me.

But really, the amp is very perfect. For making recordings, it’s great.

But if your looking to enjoy playing it, an amp you could get lost in, well, solid state and digital amps just are not enjoyable for me to play, at all.

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