Blackstar ID:10

Make / Model: Blackstar ID:10
Year: 2014
Purchased: Guitar Center, 2014
Price: $99

Build Quality


Sound Quality



This little amp was pretty amazing. Very small, but huge sound. Like, mind boggling huge.

The problem I run into in all modeling amps, is they have no character of their own, so I end up playing around with a billion sounds, instead of playing. And that sucks.

The thing that sucks about this thing, is how good it is at metal. Amazing. So instead of writing, I just sit there doing pinch harmonics, going between playing ‘Ain’t talking about love’ and ‘Crazy train’, endlessly. Ask my wife. Or my friends that I called and left voicemails of ‘Crazy Train’ consisting of all notes being replaced by pinch harmonics.


Also, I think the lack of character, and also how *good* this sounds, well, sounds a litle fake in someway. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is just no ‘soul’, thats all I can describer it as.

And I don’t think it’s tube versus solid state. I think it may be analog vs digital. There has to be a slight delay between hitting the note, and processing, and maybe thats what takes the soul out.

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