Make / Model: AKG 414 TLII
Year: ?

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The 414 is a multipattern microphone from AKG. Initially, these were made with the ck12 capsule from the initial C12 tube microphone, but then over time, the capsule changed to a more basic, capsule. That was the 414. And folks reacted badly to it. Gone was the magic of the C12, and instead, they got a useful utility mic.

The TLII version was released by AKG in an attempt to get that magic back. Accordingly, is is like a 414, with vocal magic.

If I could only have two condenser microphones, one would be a Neumann U89, the other, would be a 414 TLII. My old boss at the studio felt the same way.

The TLII has a beauty that is counterpoint to a Neumann. Where the Neumann can have and edgy-ness that in the best application, makes the hair on your neck stand up, the TL II has a silkyness that can accomplish the same effect. It is a mic that is smooth, but not dull, but not harsh. I’ve actually never heard it be either harsh or dull, or sound bad. Just sometimes, the Neummann will sound a little bit better, depending on the voice. And likewise, the TLII will sound a little bit better, depending on the voice.

And for what it is, it’s a bargain. In the 2000s, these sold NEW for $999. Fucking amazing. Accordingly, they were slept on, because how could a great mic cost so little? well, it did. Now they sell for more.

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